about us

Marissa is a genuine old soul, and from a young age knew she was "different." Her optimism and spirit attract many people to her, looking for advice and her uplifting energy. She fine tuned these gifts into healing work and now wishes only to spread her love and light with the world! She is a Reiki Master with many raving clients and also volunteers her services at a local hospital. She is also an Intuitive Tarot Reader and still delights when the cards accurately touch and motivate her clients deep into the core of their being. Completely fascinated with the other realms, Marissa frequently devotes her time to harnessing and strengthening her gifts of Psychic Mediumship as well. She is also a gifted teacher and loves sharing all that she has learned with other like-minded friends. Marissa is more than excited to help steer you along your journey and give you that little extra push you may be searching for!

Elizabeth has always felt others' energies very strongly since she learned to walk. She is a natural empath, mother, and akashic record guide with a passion for helping fellow humans on their path to enlightenment (or simply relief!). Through the use of meditation, crystals, and her art, Elizabeth connects to archangels and light beings. Her kind nature, deep sense of life's magic, and expertise of the Law of Attraction, will crack your heart wide open and change your perspective on the world around you. She teaches others how to tap into their divine essence, utilize their emotional guidance system in their everyday life, and end the detrimental beliefs + thought patterns that are wreaking havoc on their psychical reality. With influences such as Jane Roberts, Byron Katie, Ester Hicks, Karen Maesen Miller, and Eckhart Tolle, Elizabeth's dream is to become a practicing tibetan monk.

In the words of Abraham, get yourself

"Tuned in, Turned on, & Tapped in."